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Helping startups, scaleups, small and mid-cap companies with bespoke legal services since 2007

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Peek Legal represents startups, scaleups, small and mid-cap companies through all phases of their growth process. We understand your legal needs and work hard to help you structure deals, draft robust contracts and tackle legal issues. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every matter and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns. Our aim is to do more for less clients, providing general counsel services, legal and strategic advice with an understanding of the company's DNA and being right there with the executive team in every important decision.

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Areas of Practice

general counsel (on demand)

We assist companies with and without legal departments in their legal needs.

If your business has reached the point where you regularly need legal assistance, but you’re not quite ready to hire a full-time, in-house lawyer, we can be your solution.  We are certain that we can deliver quality and value in a way that is stress free, efficient, and customized to your needs.

When your in-house counsel gets too stretched because the business simply is growing beyond the in-house legal capacity or there is a major deal coming up outside the scope of the legal department, Peek Legal can jump in.

Hire a senior business lawyer with substantial in-house experience to handle your (overflow) work on an as-needed basis at a fraction of the cost of law firm rates. As an experienced general counsel, we are ready to support the executive team on a daily basis advice on all legal ans strategic matters.

We consider projects on a fulltime and part-time in-house basis, but also as-needed and on demand. Peek Legal charges an hourly rate that is substantially less than the rate charged even by smaller law firms. Day or weekly fees are also a possibility. And we are always happy to supply hard estimates for specific projects, allowing you to budget and plan appropriately.


We provide counsel on M&A transactions involving technology and other emerging growth enterprises at all stages of development. We have experience advising management, sellers and buyers.

Joint ventures & Minority Investments

We advise our clients on project-based joint ventures, new venture JVs and strategic minority investments. We have the experience and knowledge to best protect your deal specific interests as a shareholder, whether being minority, majority or 50/50 shareholder – common issues and pitfalls to consider relate to voting and deadlock, exit, transfer restrictions and restrictive covenants, such as exclusivity and non-compete arrangements.

international contracts

Companies deal on a daily basis with a myriad of relationships and contracts that bind them to their suppliers, customers, licensors and other strategic partners. We help structure these relationships and guide clients through the complexities to ensure their contracts provide the necessary framework for success. We apply our commercial and business acumen in advice, negotiating and drafting commercial agreements of various kinds. 


 emerging companies 

You have a great idea for this startup. Stop right there! That’s where we come in. From protecting your very first idea, assisting you through the many phases throughout your lifecycle. Incorporation, structuring, employees, partnerships, equity allocation, vesting, option plans, know how, seed rounds, venture capital, terms sheets, boards and advisor issues and what have you. All issues that can be critical to get your startup solid into the next phase.


Our counsel is sought not only for legal matters but also on strategic and entrepreneurial challenges. Strategy is all about making choices with the express objective to make the best choices possible about the future. We assist clients in making the best choices they can to improve the outcomes of their organization for the future. We do this with a profound interest and understanding of your business and with professional judgment, emotional intelligence, candor, and experience tailored to your risk tolerance and company DNA. 


The best way to predict the future is to create it
— Peter Drucker


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